Nikon Coolpix 5400 Service & Repair Manual + Parts List

Nikon Coolpix 5400 Service & Repair Manual + Parts List

Nikon Coolpix 5400 Service & Repair Manual + Parts List

Are you a lucky owner of a Nikon camera and now is broken or it needs mainteance?..This Official service repair manual is the sollution and is absolutely needed when you have to, and you can Save a lot of Money and time on maintenance and repair.

Nowadays, everyone can perform basic repair on their personal camera, but even for more advanced users this might be a difficult task to do. So, customers should not think of any costs when it comes to dealing with more important problems regarding their camera, if they chose to buy this amazing self service and repair manual.

This Repair Manual it will help you too:

– Disassembly

– Assembly

– Repair

– Schematics

– Circuit Diagrams

– Block Diagrams

– Maintence

– Adjustments

– Parts Replacement

– and others

This Official Nikon repair manual has been produced by the manufacturer, so it offers the most accurate information available for your camera including high quality photos and step by step instructions. You cant find a more useful source of information and is written by the manufacturer especially for your camera model and needs and this manual becomes the most helpful source for you as a customer. All the information is well organized and helps you find in a very short time the information needed in order to succeed this guarantees that your repair will be done perfectly right.

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Manual Details:

Format: PDF/RAR

Pages: 67

Language: English

Compatible: Windows/Mac

Printable Pages: YES

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If you don’t have Adobe Reader to open the PDF file you can download it for FREE from here:

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5200mm Canon Lens World's MOST powerful Super telephoto EF FD (updated upload)

READ!! Canon 5200mm F14 Prime Lens. The world's largest dedicated SLR Super Telephoto lens.
Extremely rare. Made in Japan. More info below:

Most probably a government ordered cold war spy tool - it certainly wasn't designed to just look at the stars with the use of it's ND filters.

It uses a mirror & lens combination. The front lens is massive.

Rear drop-in filters can be used.

•Focal Length: 5150mm
•Exposure Control: Light quantity is controlled with the use of built-in ND filters, corresponding to f/14, f/16, f/22, f/32
•Minimum Object Distance: 120 meters (Approx 393 feet!)
•Size: 500mm(wide) x 600mm(high) x 1890mm(deep) [20x24x75.6]
•Weight: 100kg (220 lbs) without stand.

From a Canon Flyer:
"This is the only ultra-telephoto lens in the world capable of taking photographs of objects 18 to 32 miles away (30km to 52kms away). Having a focal length of 5200mm, Canon Mirror Lens 5200mm can obtain one hundred times as large an object image as that of a 50mm lens."
"For focusing this mounted or fixed lens on an extremely distant object, two aiming telescopes are set on the side of the lens barrel, and the entire lens is placed on a rigid stand which rotates smoothly. Minimizing the overall length had been a big problem in designing this lens. However, the Catadioptric system that is applied to the other two Canon mirror lenses (Canon 800mm f3.8 & 2000mm f11) has succeeded in reducing it down to one third of the nominal focal length. In general focal length and optical aberration increase with each other, however, our long and persistent research and development have succeeded in solving this problem. Canon mirror lens 5200mm composed of spherical main and secondary mirrors and a correction lens would assure you of clear images."

The magnification of this lens is truly staggering.
If mounted to a video camera with 1/3" image sensors for example, a reach of at least 1000x optical would be possible (approx 37,500mm).

1/10 the magnification of the Hubble telescope - (approx 55.000mm)

If it was mounted on a cropped DSLR the angle of view would appear even narrower.

The video is a series of quick stills I took of the lens. I have also included video of the SIMULATED magnification. In fact the maximum video telephoto of this SIMULATION still just falls short of 3700mm in 35mm terms. So the 5200mm would be much closer & far sharper & distortion free with no nasty CA. The video was shot with an SD 16x9 2/3" camcorder with a SD TV video lens using multiple optical extenders. If the actual 5200mm was hooked up to a video camera we'd probably be seeing a close up on an eye.

To make it clear - the VIDEO IS SIMULATED - not shot with the actual 5200mm lens - since it's a "PRIME" - How could it be zooming? And of course there would be no nasty CA, edge blur, or fringing issues.

If anyone has other information about the 5200mm lens - its history & uses - please contact me.

Update: If I'd known the interest this clip was going to create - I would have created a far better video. Version 2 coming. This clip was originally edited to different music with the copyright free music overlaid due to copyright restrictions.

Thanks for watching

Music: Cambodian Odyssey, Chanter: by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0""

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